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          Database e-marketing for widening your contact network! (數據庫電子營銷,拓寬您的聯系網絡!)



          e-Marketing (Database Solution)

          Database Solution
          Online specialist that provides consultant, tip and guide to assist our clients to achieve the best promotion campaign result with these solutions. Instant access into our current direct mailing and business email database today!

          • We have a database of more than 300,000 corporate emails

            100,000 Malaysia corporate database ONLY RM 999
            200,000 Malaysia corporate database ONLY RM1,499
            50,000 Singapore corporate database ONLY RM 599
            100,000 Singapore corporate database ONLY RM1,099

          If anyone want to know more about our ICT services, you may send your enquiry to ict@acetech.com.my




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