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          Brief Introduction Palm Oil Plantation

          Palm oil was introduced into Malaysia, then Malaya in 1848 by Scotsman William Sime and English banker Henry Darby

          FELDA( Federal Land Development Agency) was formed in July 1, 1956. Malaya began to create oil palm plantation settlements for the poor in the rural area

          PORIM and PORLA were merged and renamed as Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) in 2000, became Malaysia’s top R&D entity with the highest technology while regulating oil palm industry in Malaysia.

          Today, Malaysia and Indonesia palm oil players dominate the global Palm Oil industry with combined contribution of 85% of world palm oil production

          Now....Global Crude Palm Oil (CPO) price reached >RM 3300/MT and the CPO price is projected will reach RM 4000/MT from the coming 3 or 4 years time.

          Palm Oil Investment Plan Introduction

          Palm plantation industry is generally categorized into:-

          1) Estate- which generally defined as plantation of 100 acres and above own by private sectors, public listed companies , government agencies and co-operatives.

          2) Smallholders – these are mostly rural folks who have switch to oil palm from rubber or other crop due to higher profitability and ease of operation requiring relatively less manpower.

          Urbanites normally are not keen in investing into oil palm plantation due to lack of knowledge and exposure to oil palm plantation. They are worry problem of workers for harvesting, manuring and related operational issue.

          The plam oil investment plan provides innovative investment opportunity to for small time investors to invest in oil palm plantation business with assured return through systematic professional management team.

          Integrated Farming to Enhance Sustainability and Profit

          With introduction of integrated farming through systematic implementation and management, return of investment can be substantially enhance due most of the capital investment input is provided by oil palm plantation.

          If you know any friend or relative from other locations, and share out
          this biz opportunity with them. First come first serve basis!

          Alternatively, you may send your further enquiry to info@acetech.com.my


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