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          Professional Corporate Training & Consulting Services

          ACE TECH is working closely with some trianing service providers to enahnce your personal strength or for the whole of your operatoinal management process and implementation.

          #1) Personal Soft Skill & Knowledge Enhancement

          #2) Corporate Efficiency Improvement

          #3) Global Strategic Marketing Analysis Program

          ACE TECH is a global business partner with different type of people undergo with our global competitive business platform that will help our business partners to have smooth change or transformation.

          We are not only participating the local market in Malaysia, we also look for other business opportunities from overseas to form any business collaboration work, mostly for those with professional business management style and experience.

          ACE TECH always emphasize on relationship marketing framework to ensure our product offer, and customer service are came with superior quality and satisfaction. With our competitive advantage marketing plan in place, it will lead or help our valued customers in switching cost thinking, it is part of our strategic marketing plans in win-win situation.Those successful cases are not coming alone or fly from the sky. ACE TECH management team will organize and conduct an intensive professional raining course for our business partners, especially for overcome the existing competitive market through our strategic marketing analysis program for:-

          1.Construct your own biz (創建自己的事業)
          2.Helping each other (協助他人創建事業)
          3.Expand your international business (前往國際商業開展)

          For those like to know more about our professional strategic marketing analysis training program,don't be hesitate to contact us any time.

          Personality Development Note


          #3)Modern Feng Shui Consulting

          By creating a more pleasing atmosphere, feng shui has been credited with improving family communication, restoring employee cooperation, and increasing as store's sales. The principles can be applied to any style of building or decorating, not just to Chinese or Asain modes.

          • Environment Feng Shui Methodology()
          • Eight House/Mansions Methodology()
          • Flying Stars Methodology()

          What Feng Shui can and can not

          Feng Shui Can.... Feng Shui Can't....
          Promote better health Cure a severe illness
          Boost your career Get your instantly promoted
          Improve your wealth Make you win the lottery
          Improve your love life Land the lover of your dreams
          Help you and others Help you harm someone

          If you want to know more about Feng Shui information, please click here.

          For those like to know more about our professional strategic marketing analysis training program, don't be hesitate to contact us any time.

          Alternatively, you may send your further enquiry to info@acetech.com.my





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